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  • "No Room For Vengeance in Justice and Healing" - By Victoria Ruvolo and Robert Goldman


 ​     "Fix them, not me": by focusing only on employee resilience, we are failing to consider the culture          of the workplace. Redefine resiliency so that success can be reimagined." - Psychology Today

 ​     America needs an alternative approach to end the cycle of crime. - Psychology Today

 ​     Are you avoiding your limits out of fear? By having the courage to embrace your limits, you grow. Two                  recent compelling documentaries share this message of hope for the new year. Psychology Today

 ​     Do you feel that your workplace should be doing more for your wellness? You are not alone. The U.S.                    surgeon general recently recommended that employers prioritize wellness. Psychology Today

 ​     There has been much discussion about individual resilience. However, there are important factors that help            promote community resilience. Psychology Today

 ​     Do you find it impossible to sever your work self and personal self? It's called being human and you are not          alone. These rules can help. Psychology Today

 ​     How was the American legal system turned so deadly for those who practice in it? Occupational mental                hazards within the practice of law undermine resilience. What can be done? Psychology Today

 ​     Why doesn't my spell checker recognize the word resiliency? There appears to be a lack of understanding              between the two words. A deeper dive is required. Psychology Today

 ​     A Personal Perspective: The real magic of inspiration is when science merges with the personal narrative -         Psychology Today

 ​     Mayor Elect of NYC Eric Adams cited emotional intelligence as being of primary importance in choosing              leaders within his administration. Is it really that important for the job? Psychology Today

 ​     How can a brainless infectious agent pose a threat to our species? To address this question, we need to                  explore what makes us resilient Psychology Today

 ​     Teachers' resiliency was tested during the pandemic. Many are in need of supportive services, which are                lacking in their school districts. Psychology Today

 ​     As people are called out of the sunshine and into the fluorescent light bulbs, there is a growing resistance to          going back to work. How can we offer them an opportunity to flourish in the natural world? Psychology                Today

 ​     People don't appear to be in a rush to return to their jobs, despite unemployment benefits coming to an end.          A recent APA study might explain why. Psychology Today

 ​     Do you avoid conflict? You are not alone. We are wired to think concretely and seek out those who support            our beliefs. This leads to avoidance of a conflict or an escalation of it. Psychology Today

 ​     Are you having difficulty leaving your problems at home when you leave for work? You are not alone. Once          we all acknowledge this, new possibilities can arise. Psychology Today

 ​     Wellness does not come naturally; worry does. Embracing our worry-prone selves is the first step toward              developing resilience. Psychology Today

 ​     Why has asking an employee whether or not they have been vaccinated caused such a visceral response?              The answer to this question has legal and psychological implications. Psychology Today

 ​     Coming out of hibernation Psychology Today

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