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Court Referral

| Child Custody Evaluations

Child Custody Evaluations is a common process in Family and Supreme Court proceedings. This evaluation process assesses the parents and child(ren). The most common reason for this evaluation is if parents cannot meet an consensus of their custody agreement, or if one or both co-parents believe that their custody agreement is not meeting the needs of their child(ren). 
This process is tailored to meet each cases specific circumstances. 


​| Parent Coordination

The divorce process can be one of heightened anger, conflict, anxiety, diminished communication and sadness for one or both parents. Unfortunately, these negative emotions are often accelerated by the separation and adversarial nature of the divorce process itself. One of the most important parts of Parenting Coordination is working in favor of the best interest of the child(ren). We work with both parents to teach them how to effectively communicate and act in ways that benefit your child's overall lifestyle and development.


| Therapeutic Visitation

Therapeutic visitation provides an intervention for families due to one or more children having difficulty spending time with one parent. Dr. Goldman has extensive experience working with families and children developing visitation treatment procedures for problematic parent/child relationships, including cases
of parent alienation. We work closely with the parent and child(ren) to coach them about attachment and relationships, while also allowing them to interact in
a safe and treatment-focused environment.


| Reunification Therapy

Reunification Therapy is a remedy designed to ​heal the relationship between
parents and their child(ren) torn by divorce. In some divorce cases, one parent may obtain full custody of the child(ren) while the other may have limited visitation. If a child is unable to see both parents, their emotions may result in anger, resentment and fractured relationships. Reunification Therapy is used to introduce a parent back into 
a child's life in a safe and therapeutic environment, while also using evidence based practices to facilitate a relationship. 


| Adolescent and Child Empowerment Services (ACES)

ACES is an integrative therapeutic program that works with adolescents and children affected by High Conflict Divorce. This service is a combined process where we work with the parents, as well as the affected child(ren) to ensure they are no longer in-between the parents' conflicts. The parents work with Dr. Goldmanto learn about resentment and forgiveness, while the child(ren) work with a Mental Health Therapist learning similar topics and exploring argument exclusion techniques. This approach gives the clinicians the benefit of seeing the situation from all angles while providing an additional support system.

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